Greywacke 2021 Wild Sauvignon

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This is Kevin Judd's take on a wild-ferment Sauvignon Blanc, which moves away in style from conventional Marlborough Sav having deeper, darker aromas of blood orange, smoked tea and frangipan. The palate is broad and rich, with just a lacy hint of oak.

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Drink 2023 - 2028



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Standard Bottle 75cl / 14%

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The Country

New Zealand

New Zealand

Brits have fallen in love with the wines of New Zealand. The affair probably has much to do with the colonial heritage, but it also has a great deal to do with the excellent, benchmark wines that are produced here. The story must begin with Sauvignon Blanc, but certainly doesn’t end there. Since the 1970s the region of Marlborough has become the go-to area, perhaps in the world, for bright, crystalline ‘Savs’ which gave the French something to think about. But now, it is becoming as equally famous for its Pinots, which are now beyond just being less expensive alternatives to Burgundy, instead showing regional characteristics, from the dark cherry and spice of Central Otago to the brawn and dried herbs of Martinborough.

A special mention goes to the Chardonnays of Kumeu River of Auckland, as these are some of the most remarkable wines from this variety in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Producer



Kevin Judd is the creator of Greywacke, one of Marlborough's leading producers. The winery was founded by Kevin in 2009, following a long career at many of Marlborough's leading estates, notably the founder winemaker at Cloudy Bay who he joined in 1983.

Kevin named his winery after the greywacke river stones, abundant in the Wairau and Omaka valleys of Marlborough.

The wines are quintessential Marlborough in style with punchy aromatic notes, backed up with fine minerality, freshness, and complexity. Alongside the regular Sauvignon Blanc is his Wild Ferment, made with wild yeast and barrel fermentation: a style that leads to a totally different expression of Marlborough Sauvignon.

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