Domaine Les Bastides 2012 Vin Cuit

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This is a little bit of a 'one-off'. Apparently a style of wine that rooted in tradition of Provence, but in my 31 years of selling wine, I have never come across it before . Basically it is a cooked wine. The must is heated in a cauldron, over a naked flame, literally boiling away 25 - 35% of the volume, until what is left is concentrated in sugar. Traditonally served with desserts of the region.

Grape Varieties

Drink 2022 - 2028+

Size / ABV

Standard Bottle 75cl / 12%

This Month's Mixed Cases

The Region

Provence Wines


Provence is perhaps the most picturesque of France's wine regions with azure coasts and lavender fields. There has been a tsunami of rosé flooding our shores from this region, some of it of questionable quality, but in the majority the wines are extremely likeable and in some instances, outstanding.

We are particularly fond of Domaine des Mapliers for their sophisticated and gastronomic style, but who can forget Chateau d'Esclans for their Whispering Angel which is nothing short of a phenomenon. The very best examples in our opinion come from the world class estate of Domaine Tempier producing outstanding wines in all three colours.


Weird & Wonderful Wines

Weird & Wonderful

We don't necessarily go out of our way to find weird wines, it just so happens that every now and again they cross our paths. Often we have no idea of they will sell, or if customers will even like them, or indeed, buy again. However, if like us, you have the notion that every now and again something from the left field gets you excited, then this is the page for you. It won't always be full, but rest assured that what is here will be fascinating, eccentric, but above all, bonkers.

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