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Springbank is Campbeltown's most famous export and perhaps Scotland's greatest Malt Whisky Distillery. A unique distillation process which is unique in Scotland. Briny and fabulously complex

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The Springbank Family of Whiskies

Springbank is unique for one very important reason: few distilleries in Scotland do their own malting; of those, only one malts 100% of their barley - Springbank. If it were a wine, it would be a Chateau Bottled Claret of finest quality.

Springbank is Scotland's oldest legal distillery, with its license granted in 1828. Quite remarkably, it is still under the ownership of the founding family and is only one of two distilleries in Cambeltown which survived the ravages of prohibition in the States, which killed off 30 or so others in the town.

Each Springbank bottling is a unique product. The classic, of course, is their 10-year-old, which has pretty much year-round availability. Everything else, however, is a little less readily available. The 15YO comes and goes; the 12YO Cask Strength has to be grabbed when you see it. The 21YO is as rare as hen's teeth and highly sought after. There is a commonality between all of these: their unique-to-Springbank distillation method - 2 and half times as they call it, and all are gently peated.

Then there are the other versions. Longrow is fully peated and distilled, more conventionally, twice. Normally available as a no-age designated version with the occasional rarity, such as the very limited 18-year-old, which is now in stock

The final product from Springbank is Hazelburn, which is the non-peated, three-times distilled version. Try to imagine Campbeltown Whisky married to Irish Whiskey, which will bring you close to this style. Also, one of Springbank's rarities comes and goes, so grab it when you see it.

Then, there is Kilkerran. This is a separate distillery, previously known as Glengyle, which the Springbank owners re-opened in the early 2000s. Kilkerran is made with the same attention to detail as Springbank - no chill-filtering, bottled at 46%, like all the others, and a supreme example of the finest Scotch.

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