Cantine del Notaio 2020 Basilicata Aglianico l'Atto

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Notaio's l'Atto is made from grapes grown in one of Southern Italy's most fascinating spots: Monte Vulture, an extinct volcano. Deep and complex with balsamy notes. The Barolo of the south

The Region



The instep of the Italian boot, the centre of Southern Italy. The capital is Potenza but the most important winemaking happens around the extinct volcano of Vulture, inland towards Puglia. It is a land often neglected by both tourists and the Italian Government but is one of the last places in Italy where you can really feel life before the modern age.

Despite its near obscurity there are a few producers in Basilicata of world renown. Cantina del Notaio for its balsamy, mature Agliancios with the counterfoil to these the wines of Elena Fucci who keeps one eye on modernity.


Volcanic Wines

The major factors that influence how a wine tastes are its grape variety, climate and the human factors of winemaking and viticulture, but it all begins with the soil, the dirt from which the vine is nourished. Varying soil types, their fertility, water retain capacity and mineral content all play a part in the wine's quality and style.

The world of wine is dotted with little pockets of volcanic regions, whether active or long extinct, and these soils impart their own distinctive character in the resulting wines. Generally speaking, volcanic regions are low in fertility, which is great for grapevines as this encourages the vine to produce sweeter and richer berries. The wines from these regions certainly do echo the drama of volcanoes and many wine drinkers seek out the wines for their distinctive minerality, and crisp acidity.

For further reading, we thoroughly recommend John Szabo's comprehensive book on the topic, Volcanic Wines: Salt, Grit and Power.

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