Thorne & Daughters

Thorne & Daugters, South Africa

The Thorne & Daughters project started at the back-end of 2012, with John and Tasha Seccombe taking inspiration for the names of the wines from their two young daughters. They own no vineyards instead sourcing grapes on contract.

The ‘Rocking Horse’ is a Cape white blend, but rather than using Chenin as the central variety, John has elected to lead with Roussanne, incorporating both Chardonnay and Semillon along the way. The grapes were sourced from vineyards in the Overberg, Franschhoek, Voor-Paardeberg and Stellenbosch. With the South African allocation sold out within two weeks of being launched, it wasn’t long before the jokes about the wine being as ‘rare as rocking horse sh*t’ came into existence.

Whilst the first vintage was made in Hermanus, the 2014 vintage migrated to Elgin and the cellar at Almenkerk. Plans for the 2015 vintage will see another move to Gabrielskloof, at the invitation of friend, Peter Allan-Finlayson, who has just moved there as resident winemaker.

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