Biancavigna: Proseccos with a Sense of Place

There is Prosecco, and then there is Prosecco Superiore. The latter of these is a wine produced in Prosecco’s heartland of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and where the best wines hail from. Biancavigna owns great vineyards located in the Crus of the region, here they are known as ‘Rive’ where the Alps meet the gentle flat lands of the Pianura. 

The estate is owned by Elena Moschetto and her oenologist brother Enrico. It is their mission to produce the best wine possible, which is light years away in quality from the bland, anodyne, commodity wines which masquerade as Prosecco. This is very much a wine of tradition, and with a deep sense of place.

Richard Ballantyne MW

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