Rioja, Spain

Rioja is, along with Sherry, Spain's most famous wine region. Its red wines are based on the noble grape variety of Tempranillo. The red wines of Rioja are classified according their minimum ageing requirements in cask and bottle before being released to the market, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva, with the term Cosecha being used for wines which are young, or do not tend to follow this classification. The wines have an affinity with oak, particularly with the more aromatic American oak, and like many other regions of the world there is tension between the traditionalists and the modernists, with the former being exemplified with the wines of Lopez de Heredia and La Rioja Alta

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  1. CVNE 2015 Rioja Crianza Cune
    Cune is famed for its long lasting elegant Riojas, just on the cusp of being a traditionalist, but this wine marries... Learn More
  2. CVNE 2018 Rioja Blanco Monopole
    Monopole Blanco has been continuously made since 1915, now under the 5th generation of the descendents of the founders.... Learn More
  3. Abel Mendoza 2016 Rioja Jarrarte Maceracion Carbonica
    This part of Rioja, Alavesa, is known for occasionally making fresh, young wines, to be enjoyed when young. This is... Learn More
  4. Amezola de la Mora 2015 Vina Amezola Rioja Crianza
    Vina Amezola is a traditonal style of Rioja with long oak ageing, but its also quite rich in fruit. Tobacco leaf notes,... Learn More
  5. Pujanza 2016 Rioja 'Hado'
    Pujanza is a newish Bodega in Rioja founded by Carlos San Pedro in 1998 in the Basque part of Rioja wine country. The... Learn More
  6. R. Lopez de Heredia 2010 Rioja Crianza Vina Cubillo
    Lopez de Heredia is my favourite producer of Rioja. Vina Cubillo is their youngest wine, but is absolutely fantastic.... Learn More
  7. Abel Mendoza 2014 Rioja Jarrarte Crianza
    Abel Mendoza is very much a modernist of Rioja. He ages his winesin small French oak barrels making the wine silky and... Learn More
  8. La Rioja Alta 2009 Vina Ardanza Reserva
    Vina Ardanza is a classic in the traditional style of Rioja. Made from Tempranillo and Garnacha, the latter being... Learn More
  9. Pujanza 2016 Rioja 'Finca Valdepoleo'
    Finca Valdapoleo is one of Pujanza's single vineyard wines. It is a small parcel of 17 hectares with vines around 630... Learn More
  10. R. Lopez de Heredia 2006 Rioja Reserva Vina Bosconia
    Bosconia is the slightly more rich version of Reserva from Rioja's most traditional producer. It is mostly Tempranillo... Learn More
  11. La Rioja Alta 2011 Rioja Crianza Vina Alberdi Magnums
    Classic old school Rioja with long cask ageing in America oak making a definitve style of Rioja. Black cherries,... Learn More
  12. R. Lopez de Heredia 2009 Vina Tondonia Rosado Gran Reserva
    Lopez de Heredia's extremely rare Rosado, so rare it could be classified as one of the wine world's 'Unicorns'. After... Learn More
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