Bruichladdich Distillers

Islay's Progressive Distillery

Bruichladdich is Noble Grape's favourite distillery on Islay. The production is small, and the commitment to quality throughout the distillation and ageing is faultless. The distillery was brought back to life in 2000 by former wine merchants Mark Reynier and Simon Couglin who had the foresight to hire master distiller Jim McEwan to take charge of the production. Mark and Simon's wine background has left a legacy of wine culture at Bruichladdich with many bottlings featuring ageing in casks formerly used for ageing of fine wine. But not only that, the sense of place, what wine terms we call 'terroir', is fundamentaly stamped on the range: a true sense of the unique place that is Islay.

Bruichladdich is the name used for the unpeated whiskies, whilst Port Charlotte is those which are heavily peated. There is also Octomore, a series of rare bottlings which are super heavily peated, the heaviest peated whiskies in all of Scotland.

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