Penderyn Icons of Wales No11 Patagonia Welsh Single Malt Whisky 43%

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Patagonia is number 11 of Penderyn's Icons of Wales series. This limited release is a tribute to the early settlers who established a colony in Southern Argentina in the 1860s. Today, Patagonia has 50,000 Welsh descendants and 5,000 Welsh speakers and holds an annual Eisteddfod.

Sweet, floral and aromatic. Orchard fruits – green apples and sweet pears – vanilla, a light aroma of honey and caramel.

Nicely balanced. Sweet honey, apple tart and juicy pears with vanilla and light oaky notes. A mix of spices: cinnamon, peppers and a hint of cloves, together with almonds and creamy toffee.

Dried fruits lingering with sweet spice at the end.

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