Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe Fino Sherry En Rama 2024 Saca

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En Rama is a style of Sherry created by Gonzalez Byass for their Tio Pepe. The wine is drawn out of the middle of the Solera during the spring when the layer of yeast (Flor in Spanish) resting on the top of the wine is at its thickest. The wine is bottled without any fining or clarification, so it is always slightly hazy: it's as if you were drinking it straight from the cask.

This method turbocharges the aromatics in the wine. Rather than enriching the wine, it becomes even more complex and salty. Like a new season's olive oil, you should gorge yourself on this wine whilst it is fresh. At this time of year, you should always have a bottle of En Rama in the door of your fridge. It is so deliciously moreish and bracing.

This is the 15th edition -  Saca 2024, bottled in April 2024.

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