Domaine Tempier 2019s

Domaine Tempier 2019s

Domaine Tempier is one of the South of France's great wine producers. We have been following this Bandol estate for a number of years. The release of the new vintage is always an exciting time.

Domaine Tempier is the flagship estate of Bandol: a region known for its top quality producers. There is hardly a duff producer in the entire region: even the co-op makes pretty decent wine. It's not hard to see why. The vineyards are baked in the Mediterranean sunshine, but always tempered by the Mistral which brings coolness to the vineyards allowing for the slow ripening of the noble but difficult Mourvedre grape variety: Bandol's calling card.

The estate has been championing organics for decades, long before it was fashionable. Roughly a decade ago the estate converted to biodynamics: now, more than ever the wines express their their beautiful terroir. The wines are deep and sensuous with haunting complexity.

Following on from the stormy 2018 vintage, 2019 is much more classic: long periods of Mediterranean sunshine, with the Mistral blowing with gusto. The resulting wines have perfectly ripe tannins and concentration of fruit. The vintage conditions allowed the skins to thicken and the wines show all those aromas and density, even at this young stage. Don't be under any doubt that the wines will age beautifully for decades.

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