Domaine Tempier 2019 Bandol Blanc

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White wine is a minor part of the output of Bandol, the small but highly-thought-of appellation in Provence, yet there are some exceptional examples. Most noteworthy of all is the outstanding white of Domaine Tempier, Bandol's flagship estate. The wine is dominated by the Clairette grape variety, which is, although a fairly rich wine, amazingly fresh, with added floral, mineral notes and ever-so-subtle fruits such as white currant and quince

The Region

Provence Wines


Provence is perhaps the most picturesque of France's wine regions with azure coasts and lavender fields. There has been a tsunami of rosé flooding our shores from this region, some of it of questionable quality, but in the majority the wines are extremely likeable and in some instances, outstanding.

We are particularly fond of Domaine des Mapliers for their sophisticated and gastronomic style, but who can forget Chateau d'Esclans for their Whispering Angel which is nothing short of a phenomenon. The very best examples in our opinion come from the world class estate of Domaine Tempier producing outstanding wines in all three colours.

The Producer

Domaine Tempier

Domaine Tempier

Domaine Tempier is undoubtedly the leading producer of Bandol and has been under ownership of the same family since the 1880s. The estate is famed for its long-lived, powerful, tannic reds from mostly the Mourvedre grape variety, but also its elegant and ageworthy rosé and white. The quality of the wines here is known throughout the world, and recognised as one of the South of France's greatest wine producers, and a long-term favourite of Noble Grape.

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