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Yellow Chartreuse is made to a recipe similar to its Green partner - 130 plants, herbs, flowers, and roots, creating a palate that is milder in flavour than Green, slightly sweeter and lower in alcohol (43%). This recipe dates back to the 1850s by Carthusian monks and still, to this day, handcrafted by the same order.

Demand for this rare and exquisite liqueur has skyrocketed, whilst supply remains at a consistent drip-feed (the Monks have many other tasks). The result is that we, like all retailers, are allocated tiny amounts. We urge you to grab it when you see it.

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Chartreuse is a rare liqueur made by Carthusian monks in the French Alps from a recipe created in the 18th century and designed for its restorative properties. Over the centuries, the recipe has barely changed from its 130 herbs, plants, and flowers and continues to be made by the monks.

There are two main expressions: 'Green' and 'Yellow'. They follow roughly the same recipe: Green is more herbal and bitter, whilst Yellow is sweeter, milder in flavour, and lower in alcohol. There are also VEP versions (Exceptionally Long Aged) that are carefully selected by the monks each year. Old bottlings of these fetch extraordinary premiums in the auction markets.

During the last decade, world demand has created a supply shortage of this elixir, so much so that we, like other retailers, are allocated tiny amounts. The monks can only produce so much, as they dedicate much of their time to other duties.

At Noble Grape, we adore these beautiful, hand-crafted liqueurs. Some say they are best in cocktails or made into a long drink. We like it neat, or perhaps just one block of ice. Try it with hot chocolate in winter, or take it in your hip flask on a walk on a cold winter's day.

Due to Chartreuse's high demand and limited supply, our stocks tend to sell out quickly. Please follow our social media pages for updates of forthcoming releases.

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