Castelnuovo del Garda Prosecco Extra Dry

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Castelnuovo del Garda's Prosecco is a delicious version of this incredibly popular sparkling wine from Italy. It is labelled as Extra Dry, resulting as a wine which is aromatic, soft, and gently crisp. There are fruity flavours of white peach, pear, and apple compote.

Italy | Veneto | Prosecco | Castelnuovo del Garda | 100% Glera | ABV 11.5% | Drink 2021 - 2022

The Wine Region



Veneto is the largest of Italy's vineyards covering a large part of NE Italy from the Alps to the north to the fertile plains of the Po River basin in the south. It is no surprise the the best vineyards are on the slopes with the industrial wine coming from the flats. This region is the home of some of the country's most famous DOCs Soave, Valpolicella and Prosecco to name a few. Soave and Valpolicella are next door neighbours and are both composed of limestone and basaltic formations. Soave is potentially one of Italy's great white wines: a regions that is exploring its zones in developing a cru system. Valpolicella is already established as one of the great sources of red wines in the north of Italy reaching its peak with the very best producers of Amarone.

Prosecco has undergone one of the biggest booms to occur anywhere in the world of wine. From humble beginnings which was essentially just two communes, Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, Prosecco has spread like wildfire across the plains and hills of NE Italy.

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