Chateau Les Croisille

Chateau Les Croisille, Cahors

Chateau Les Croisille is owned by the Croisille family who established 7 hectares of Cahors vineyards in the 1980s, but it was until the late 2000s that they started vinifiying their own wines, after pulling out of the co-operative. Bernard and Cecile are now joined by their two sons, Germain and Simon.

The estate has been certified organic since 2013.

There a number of different expressions of Cahors produced, the two that we have selected are both 100% Malbec. The first is Le Croizillon which is made from younger vines, with part whole bunch fermentation. From their single vinyard wines, we are particularly impressed with their 'Calcaire' made from a one parcel of vines on the limestone bluff at 250 - 300 metres elevation then aged in old oak casks.

These are both quite remarkable wines which are marked by freshness and liveliness. They are quite far removed from Argentine Malbecs which can appear oaky and heavy, these are incredibly drinkable wines with enough concentration and matter to ensure development over a number of years

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