Bouchon 2019 Pais Salvaje White

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Pais is a red grape which can be made into white wine or red wine. This wine is made from wild vines that grow up trees and harvested by pickers who climb up ladders. The wine is light and aromatic and very stylish

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The Country



Chilean winemakers will tell you that this country is an almost perfect environment to grow wine grapes: a favourable climate, that has its fair share of cool, warm and hot spots, allowing for a wide range of styles and varieties to be grown. It is relatively pest and disease free, due to having the Andes on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, and of course it has the legacy of Spanish culture. It has somewhat made Carmenere its spiritual home, but aside from that variety there is a huge array of others grown here from the Rieslings of Bio Bio to the Syrahs of San Antonio, and all shades in-between.

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